The SEC line

The SEC line

This is the first entry level line made of polypropylene, manufactured with high quality materials.
Tested through thousands of pieces sold, the distinguishing feature of the 'SEC' line is the metal hinges that hold the two shells together and the front sliding locks.
This series can boast up to nineteen different models ranging from the small version - 20 x 30 cm - to the largest with a max. length of 132 cm.


d IMG 8438

The series was created back in 1995 and it immediately received remarkable appreciation, especially for its design, the price and its ease of use thanks to the two locks installed near the handle: two open inwards while the other two outwards. This easy opening is one of the secrets of the line which has been widely appreciated all over the world in its 20-year long life.

All the cases in this line are suitable for air transport. The sliding combination lock was specifically created and designed for this purpose. It can be purchased and fitted at any time in a very user-friendly manner.

The case can be customised by selecting the colour of the exterior or affixing a logo.

TUTORIAL Negrini srl cases 2259 Sliding Combination Lock sistema di chiusura serie SEC


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