Mission and values


Negrini Cases has always been prone to listening: this helps us anticipate the market needs and develop concepts with an all-round design.
Our production, with its strong exclusivity-oriented connotation, is the result of the know-how we have grown over the years, which is based on in-depth awareness of the clients’ needs and is developed through constant product research and innovation. Ours is awareness-driven creativity.

The distinguishing goals of the company are both factual and essential.

  • to manufacture suitcases with a view to consolidating the features that make our Brand unique, giving clients the role of partners;
  • to aim at the creation of an accessory bound to become a crucial element in terms of product recognition.

The design of Negrini Cases is developed following some guidelines that have been defined starting, as is always the case, from the individual identity of each client in order to produce a case that is perfectly integrated with the unique personality of the brand it is associated to and capable of immediately generating a link with its contents.
To develop prototypes that are clear and in harmony with the essence of products, taking inspiration from the identity of each of them.
To assist clients in creating their image comprehensively.
Together on the trip to finding, defining and developing unique solutions.


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We believe in the creative power of imagination, which is reflected in our ongoing research for processes and materials.
Our company is characterised by a strong spirit of innovation: curiosity, method, commitment, ambition and courage are our ever driving values.
Our work has strong roots and these have made their way through the fertile soil of inspiration through “listening”. This is an abstract yet deeply rooted concept which, by its very nature, expands irrespective of time and fashions.
Unique designs resulting from non-stop research and study over the years, with a typically Italian mark, to give a tangible shape to the soul of a Brand.
We develop ideas and convert them into reality in order for them to be the material and distinctive symbol of the identity of our partners.
The firm principles on which the focus of our evolution is based include: to draw and transfer inspiration, to reflect what passion and experience only can help you catch, with a factual and solution-finding approach; to advance, yet taking risks, with courage and humility; to be in a position to offer products with a spirit of initiative and fervour, yet keeping our flexibility and openness to confrontation.
Observation and listening feed our creativity and are drivers in our work.



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