Sales conditions

General sales conditions

These general sales conditions apply to any consultancy given through or order placed on the website of Negrini S.r.l. - - (having its registered office in Via Cortesa 29/a, 46026 Quistello - Mantua (Italy), intra-Community VAT no. IT 01660000207) for the purchase of goods to be delivered in Italy (hereinafter the "Products"). The order acknowledgement by the purchaser entails the acceptance, without reservations, of these general sales conditions which supersede any and all previous conditions or specifications created by the purchaser, including through the exchange of email messages.

2.1 Product offer

Products are presented in accordance with the statutory requirements and as precisely as possible.

Despite this, discrepancies may exist between the delivered Products and those published on the Site or in the catalogue, especially with regard to handicraft Products, in relation to which homogeneous production cannot be fully guaranteed, and products subject to adaptations following technical and technological advancements. Where these discrepancies do not affect the basic Product features and do not impact the Product quality, they shall not be taken as grounds for order cancellation or delivered goods rejection.   As perfect representation of the Products on the Website and/or in the catalogues cannot be assured, especially due to the different colour performances of the Internet surfing software and/or the screens, Negrini S.r.l. shall not be held liable for incorrect pictures appearing on the Site.

2.2 Order acceptance
On the purchaser’s side, the order is closed at the time of its acknowledgement. On Negrini S.r.l. side, the order is closed starting from payment validation and the acknowledgement of order takeover.

2.3 Minimum order
Negrini S.r.l. does not require any minimum quantities per order.

3.1 Product price

Product prices are specified in Euro, including product sales taxes (VAT among others). They are guaranteed until the new catalogue is issued.

3.2 Delivery costs
The shipping costs applied by Negrini S.r.l. are not included in the price of each item, which enables us to offer “tailored” prices depending on the purchased goods and to keep the actual value of our products transparent.

Below is a specification of the shipping costs for Italy:

  • 2.80€ for envelopes (24 x 36 x 5.5 cm);
  • 9.50€ for packages (125 x 30 x 56 cm);
  • 10.00€ added to the price of items having one side exceeding 120 cm.
  • Order amounts over or equal to 70€ are free of shipping costs, excluding the fee for cash upon delivery.

The shipping costs specified online when the order is placed only apply to deliveries within the Italian territory. Shipping costs and free-of-charge deliveries are dependant on the order total.

Shipping costs for deliveries abroad are calculated at the time of the order. Depending on the amount of the ordered cases, the cost of transport may be free of charge as specified below:

  • >= 650 € for Extra Europe except for the countries of Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines and Malaysia where transport is never free.
  • >= 290€ for items bound to Europe (excluding Italy).

If the Products within one single order are ready for delivery at different dates, Negrini S.r.l. shall ship the goods at the date when all the ordered Products are ready.

3.3 Payment
Payment shall be made exclusively in Euro and fully at the time of the order, if not otherwise provided at the time of the order, and it shall be effected by PayPal or wire transfer.

As part of its fight against cyber frauds, Negrini S.r.l. may require checking of the bank details and/or the identity of the customers before delivering the products. When placing an order online, the customer undertakes to give Negrini S.r.l. the required information. Failure by Negrini S.r.l. to receive the information required within the predefined term shall entitle Negrini S.r.l. to cancel the order concerned by the checks.

As orders are taken into account only after the payment has been acknowledged, discounts or delay penalties shall not be applicable.

PayPal payment
PayPal is a safe payment method that offers customers the opportunity to pay for their items quickly without sharing any bank details with the seller’s site. Such information is only entered at the time of creation of the PayPal account. Information is then encrypted and secured once and for all.

If the customer already has a PayPal account, s/he can use it on our website to pay for purchases rapidly and in fully safe conditions.

If the customer does not have a PayPal account yet, this payment method can still be selected. Before finalising the payment, the website readdresses the customer to the PayPal page where s/he can enter his/her bank details and tick the option to create a PayPal account.

3.4 Invoice
The invoice for the customer shall specify the details provided by the customer in the customer account.  The customer can modify his/her data any time s/he places a new order through the site.


Regardless of the product ordered, Negrini S.r.l. shall take any effort to ensure its customers a quality delivery service. This is the reason why we adapt our transport methods to the nature of each order.

Based on the above, the delivery method varies according to the weight and the size of the ordered items, as well as the place of delivery. The shipping costs are not affected by the transport method, but they are dependant on the order total and the place of delivery.

The following sections provide a detailed illustration of each transport method so that the customer is aware of their individual specificities.

Shipping times

On average, goods in stock are delivered within 48 or 72 working hours.

The delivery time of ABS items varies between 7 and 18 working days. This is due to the fact that each purchased item is made to measure, which offers the customer the opportunity to chose a specific colour, other than the one in the picture.

Delivery terms
The order shall be delivered by express courier. Deliveries normally take place from Monday through Friday, any time of the day. Products shall be delivered personally to the customer’s home (ground floor).   If the customer is not home, a notice shall inform him/her about failed delivery. The notice shall specify the address of the warehouse from which the pack can be collected. The customer shall have 10 days for collection, after which the pack shall automatically be returned to our warehouses.

Packs shall be handed over to the customer in the hall. Prices do not include delivery to the customer floor and installation. Always check that the size and volume of the order allow for its transit through the normal ways giving access to the place of delivery.

Shipping times

On average, stock items are shipped within 3 to 5 working days, starting from the date when payment receiving is acknowledged. If the customer wishes the goods to be delivered on a specific day, our Customer Service must be contacted.

Item colour
The order shall be fulfilled depending on the items on stock. The picture in the cart is for information only, and the product may be delivered in different colours.  The customer can, in fact, ask for a customised product.

Please, address any special requests as a remark to the order or in an email to our Customer Service:

If the forwarders selected by Negrini S.r.l. fail to deliver the products at the agreed date, because the customer was not home or information was not provided concerning the need to use specific vehicles for delivery, the customer may incur additional shipping costs and/or the order may be cancelled by Negrini S.r.l..

If the Products within one single order are ready for delivery at different dates, the goods shall be shipped at the date when all the ordered Products are ready, unless otherwise instructed by the purchaser.

Negrini S.r.l. delivers goods both in ITALY and abroad.

Any product purchased from the company website - - can be returned or replaced at all times in a very easy manner.

Once goods are received, the purchaser is expected to carry out all the necessary inspections in order to identify any possible malfunctions, missing parts, defects, other visible defects or the non-conformity of the delivered Products with the order.    More specifically, the purchaser shall check the condition of the packaging, the number of packs and the Products in terms of quality, codes, conditions and features.

Any complaints shall be addressed to Negrini S.r.l. no later than 3 days after goods receiving, excluding public holidays.  Please send an email to, specifying the following:

• name, surname and telephone number;
• order number;
• code of product concerned by the complaint;
• reason of the complaint;

a. incorrect item delivered;
b. broken or damaged item;
c. defective item;

• a picture of the product, if it is damaged.

Alternatively, a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt may be sent to our Customer Service at Negrini S.r.l., Via Cortesa 29/A, 46026 Quistello - MN - ITALY.

The purchaser shall in all cases be contacted by our staff in a very short time in order to speed up the procedure.

Accepted complaints shall result in the replacement of the defective or non-conforming Product or to its reimbursement where the Product is not available in our stock or at our suppliers. Any returned Product shall be given to Negrini S.r.l. forwarders in perfect condition, in its original packaging and complete with its accessories. No goods returned spontaneously shall be accepted without prior agreement with Negrini S.r.l..

Any product purchased from the company website - - can be returned or replaced at all times in a very easy manner.

Any private purchaser consumer is given a withdrawal term of 14 working days starting from the Product delivery date during which s/he can cancel his/her order either partially or totally and return the Product at his/her own expenses. This option does not apply to Products manufactured upon the purchaser’s specifications, customised products or products that, by their very nature, cannot be re-shipped or are subject to deterioration.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the purchaser can send an email to or a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to Negrini S.r.l. at Via Cortesa 29/A, 46026 Quistello – MN - ITALY, specifying:

• name, surname and telephone number;
• order number;
• code of product concerned by the complaint;
• reason of the withdrawal.

The request shall immediately be forwarded to the Customer Service Dept. who shall contact the purchaser to arrange for the reshipment of the product and to explain the procedure to be followed, which varies depending on the original shipment method.

The shipping costs shall be paid for by the purchaser, excluding in cases of non-conforming products.

The purchaser shall be refunded the entire amount paid as soon as possible and in any case no later than 30 calendar days from the date in which the right of withdrawal was exercised, provided that the Product is returned in perfect condition, in its original packaging and complete with all accessories.

5.1 Warranty extension

Products are covered by a 2-year warranty from the delivery date against defects in manufacturing, material or design. Throughout the warranty term Negrini S.r.l. undertakes, at its sole discretion, to replace or refund the Products which it shall deem defective. The replaced Products are covered by the warranty for the remaining time. The warranty does not include:

• damage to the Product resulting from normal wear with reference to its nature, function, composition and price;
• minor differences identified in the Products, as defined in Article 2.1;
• extreme Product uses, in other words for different purposes than private use;
• any Product defect resulting from incorrect maintenance, stocking, storage or installation (failure to comply with the installation instructions), poor maintenance, unintended use or non-conforming use with the technical and operating specifications (failure to adhere to the maintenance and storage instructions), changes or repairs made by the purchaser or a third party, deterioration due to external objects (e.g. a very heavy TV set placed on a piece of furniture that was not designed for this purpose), external events such as accidents, shocks, fire, vandalism, pipe leakages, natural or artificial lighting (leading to discolouration), natural disasters or the elements.

5.2 Warranty commencement date
The warranty commences as soon as the purchaser receives the goods.
Claims under warranty shall be file submitting the original invoice or receipt of sale.

5.3 Responsibilities of Negrini S.r.l.
The responsibility of Negrini S.r.l. concerning the delivered Products, including the liability resulting from the applicable contractual and legal warranties, exclusively applies to third parties according to the limits specifically contemplated by law.

6.1 Intellectual property

The elements published on the Negrini S.r.l. website, including the logo, the registered trademarks, texts, photographs, illustrations, drawings, models or tables, are works protected by intellectual property rights or the rights of the individual. The reproduction or representation of our website, either totally or partially, is prohibited without prior and explicit agreement of the holders of the above-mentioned rights and it may be interpreted as an act of counterfeiting, which is sanctioned by the provisions of the Intellectual Property Right Code,  and/or a criminal offence causing the offenders of such rights to be subject to civil liability.

6.2 Responsibility of the users
Users hold full responsibility when they surf the website Negrini S.r.l. shall not be held liable for faults, errors or cyber virus which may hinder continuous access to its website or malfunctions which may be experienced in the users’ PCs after accessing our website. Hence, Negrini S.r.l. shall not be liable for repairing neither direct nor indirect damage connected to the use and access to the website or the download of elements published on the website (illustrations, texts, files, videos).

6.3 Privacy Policy
Negrini S.r.l. collects the personal data of the purchaser required to record and manage orders and/or to reply inquiries for information. In accordance with the privacy law, the purchaser is given the right of access, rectification, objection and erasure of his/her own personal data.  For any additional information, please contact

Consult the "Privacy” area.

No Party shall be held liable for partial or total non-fulfilment of its obligations in cases where such non-fulfilment is due to unexpected circumstances or the occurrence of a force majeure event such as, but not limited to the following list, flooding, fire, storm, shortage in raw materials, transport strikes, partial or total strike or lock-out.   The Party suffering the delay shall notify the other Party about the onset of a force majeure event as shortly as possible and within max. five (5) working days from the occurrence of such event.

The parties shall come to an agreement as shortly as possible with a view to jointly defining the order fulfilment methods for the entire existence of the force majeure event.

If the force majeure event lasts longer than one (1) month, each party shall not be able to honour the order and Negrini S.r.l. shall refund the purchaser, where necessary, the amounts paid for the order in question.

8.1 Supporting evidence

Upon explicit agreement between Negrini S.r.l. and the purchaser, e-mails shall be binding between the parties, and this shall also apply to the automatic registration systems used in the Site, specifically as regards the nature and date of the order.

In conformity with the conditions set forth in common law the purchaser shall have access to the electronic contract entered into with Negrini S.r.l.. To this purpose, the purchaser shall contact the Customer Service by e-mail and provide all the required information, the order number and his/her details in particular.

8.2 Severance
Should one or multiple clauses in these general sales conditions be deemed void or declared such on the basis of a law and/or regulation or following the final decision of a competent jurisdiction, the other clauses herein shall fully maintain their force and validity.

8.3 Waiver
Failure by one of the Parties to require the implementation of any of the clauses in these general sales conditions, both permanently and temporarily, shall in no case be interpreted as a waiver of the rights of such Party deriving from such clause.

8.4 Heading
Should the heading of an article or chapter be difficult to interpret against the clause, headings shall be of no significance.

8.5 Amendments to the general sales conditions
Negrini S.r.l. reserves the right to amend these general sales conditions. Any new version shall be posted on the Site.

The online version published on the Site at the time when the purchaser places his/her order shall supersede any other previous version of these general sales conditions.

8.6 Contract integrity
These general sales conditions and the summary of the order sent to the purchaser form the contract body and represent all the contractual relationships between the parties.

Any relationships between the purchaser and Negrini S.r.l. concerning orders placed through the Site shall be governed by the Italian Law, without prejudice to the mandatory provisions of law existing in the place of residence of the consumer.

Negrini S.r.l.
Via Cortesa 29/a
46026 Quistello - Mantua - ITALY
Intra-community VAT no.: IT01660000207



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