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When surfing this website (hereinafter the 'Site'), information is collected to identify your computer and browser (or any other mobile devices you may use to surf the Internet) thanks to the installation of small text files known as 'Cookies' and other equivalent ITC tools (hereinafter jointly defined as 'Cookies' for the purposes of this document).  

The Cookies which the Site installs are divided in the three types below.

  • Technical Cookies: these are strictly connected to Site surfing and allow for normal surfing of the Site. They are also used to keep track of the user's choices (language selected or font size in use), to recognise the computer or the mobile device when the user logs in again, and to control a surfing session (they keep the connection to the protected login area active throughout the entire surfing time). They are also used for statistical purposes in order to improve the service and Site usability by the users.
  • Technical Third-Party Cookies: these cookies are installed by third parties through the Site. Google Analytics Cookies are an example of this category. They are used for statistical purposes, in aggregate and anonymous form, and to examine visits and Site surfing by the users.
  • Profiling Third-Party Cookies for marketing purposes: these Cookies are installed by third parties through the Site in order to send the user customised advertising messages, in line with the user's preferences, based on information concerning the pages the user visits (e.g. visits of the pages of this Site or other websites using these Cookies).



This Site features functions intended for the sharing of contents through social networks.  The relevant operator may collect information such as the IP address used or the visited pages or it may store cookies in memory. Collection of such information is governed by the privacy policy of the companies that supply these functions. For additional information on data processing, to refuse installation and/or to delete these cookies, refer to the following links:



Procedure to refuse installation and/or delete Cookies

Where they wish so, users can refuse automatic installation of Cookies or they can delete any Cookies installed in their computer or mobile device by setting the relevant options in their browser. 

The procedure is different according to the used browser.  Below is a list of links to the pages of the most popular browsers.

Google Chrome:

Mozilla Firefox:

Internet Explorer:



WARNING: disabling and/or deletion of Technical Cookies may cause inconveniences during your surfing experience in our Site.


Technical Third-Party Cookies

This Site uses third-party cookies. For additional information or to block these Cookies, refer to the 'Cookies' area on third-party websites, as listed below.

Source: Google Analytics

Cookie name: __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz

Cookie type: Technical cookie

Cookie policy:


Procedure to refuse installation and/or to delete third-party profiling Cookies for marketing purposes 

When the Site is accessed from a computer or mobile device for the first time, a short information notice in the form of an instant banner is displayed concerning the use of Cookies.

When the banner is closed, or surfing is resumed and an element outside the banner is clicked, consent is given to the installation of third-party profiling Cookies.

In both cases (i.e. consent or refusal to use of profiling Cookies) technical Cookies are installed on the computer or the mobile device used for surfing with the purpose of keeping track of consent given or rejected. If they are not deleted manually, these technical Cookies stay in the user's computer or mobile device for a period of 12 months from installation. 

Below is a list of the names of these technical cookies:

cookiesInfo: to track consent to the use of cookies;

sic: to track information on the electronic cart;


Management of the user's preference concerning third-party profiling cookies for marketing purposes

Below users can express their consent to the use of third-party profiling cookies for marketing purposes that are installed through this Site. Alternatively, they can view their previous selection and edit it freely and at any time.

Negrini Srl shall not be liable for potential site malfunctions, as analytically specified in all the areas of the site.

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