Compliance with high qualitative standards is a must for Negrini Srl.

Constantly keeping an eye on the market needs, the company has implemented an internal policy which is based on ongoing research and innovation affecting both processes and materials.

We are the first manufacturer in the world that has started selling ABS cases on the market of firearms. Our production process is unrivalled and unprecedented: it started off from a real demand and triggered a number of studies and research projects that have eventually enabled us to identify an innovative solution in the use of ABS - a solution that can now fill the existing gap offering a suitcase that is resistant to shocks, safe, convenient and lightweight at the same time, in other words ideal for air travel.
The quality and technology of a product have thus evolved and are now protected by an exclusive Negrini srl patent.

Keeping up to date and training are constant drivers that help us offer products which represent solutions to actual needs.
The ability to evolve and to adapt to the natural and quick change in clients’ demands is our daily challenge.

Our decade-long experience has enabled Negrini srl to establish consolidated and successful partnerships with clients, based on mutual knowledge and esteem.

The above has enabled our company to become a reference for our major partners who can identify their needs in advance and suggest made-to-measure and up-to-date solutions even before our clients realize they need such solutions.

All Negrini suitcases are characterised by the following features.


Fully made with a cutting-edge material, ABS and 4 shells assembled following the exclusive Negrini methodology, which still gives our products unparalleled durability, suitcases manufactured by Negrini Srl combine lightweight and strength. Totally designed and manufactured in Italy, each product is tested and guaranteed in addition to being the result of a unique production process that is based on research and innovation.


A safety device and a need when travelling on air planes, the key or combination lock is provided on all models of the luxury line as standard. All suitcases by Negrini Srl are made with a very high level of customisation and they are complete with a locking system which has been studied and made to measure, including for entry level lines. Our clients are always offered the opportunity to accessorize each product with the most suitable lock for their individual needs.


This patented locking system combines safety and cost-effectiveness.
Featured in all models from the ISY line, the Push & Pull lock stands out for its distinguishing technological innovation. Two simultaneous movements - push and pull, as the name suggests - to open the suitcase: a user-friendly system which is at the same time a safe solution to prevent accidental suitcase opening. You can now store your case at home under fully safe conditions.


All our suitcases are fully made with materials that comply with the IATA directive. This has been so ever since the first suitcase was manufactured back in 1981 -link to explanatory section-. Our suitcases are type-approved internationally for air transport.

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