The Original

1608LX Nera


This is where our History begins. The first, original and innovative line to revolutionise the transport of firearms and the visual of gunsmiths was created in 1981.
A combination of two inner and two outer shells made of thermoformed material, assembled in such way as to make the case incredibly resistant, resilient and at the same time lightweight, without any water and solvents in its composition, which is a key feature for the protection of internal mechanical parts when the firearm is unused.
The case robustness is enhanced by the built-in handle.

1608LX rossa chiusa
1607SPL pelle marrone

The luxury trims of the case are made with natural fabric, such as cotton, or first quality Italian leather and they are still fully made by hand, which is a guarantee of care of the tiniest details.

1608LXwood aperta


The 'The Original' series can boast a multitude of designs, sizes and colours.
This case, originally made for sportsmen to carry firearms and ammunitions during air travels, is also the ideal solution to contain any type of technical, mechanical, hydraulic and electronic equipment that needs to travel and be safeguarded throughout its life cycle.

Cases from 'The Original' series can be fitted with a multitude of finishes, including basic ABS and more elegant versions with a full external leather cover and a fabric interior.

3105 4130 Univet ap 2
2032 BSB ch
2032 BSB ap
1610B PPL Extra velluto beige aperta
1610BPL apertachiusa
dett pelle caracal

The ABS 'The Original' line is suitable for full customisation, including the profile, colours, design, and the logos it can fit.

A PVC bag can be requested for protection against scratching during air travels.

1651 BPL Borsa dett

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