CRV line

Since 2014, the 'CRV' line is a feather in the cap of the Negrini catalogue.
This is an innovative and unique solution on the market, manufactured with a high performance, technical, patented composite material, currently used in aerospace and aviation projects for its lightweight and resistant features.

This case has features unmatched by other product types: the ABS line protects the case contents against extreme conditions. For instance, it may be crushed over by a car without any damage to the contents. The CRV series has become extremely lighter and more resistant. It has successfully passed all fall tests and the material is resistant to any type of stress, which is why it is also used for manufacturing bulletproof vests.

Curve Case chiusa

The 'CRV' line is constantly awarded remarkable appreciation, including on international markets, and has contributed to the creation of a special design pattern, known as 'Turtle'.

Several customisation variables are available, including the exterior design and the inlay, in addition to a wide selection of both inner and outer colours.

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