Intuition out of need


Take a sports man, a professional shooter.

Imagine the highest level competitions and unstoppable victories.

Consider countless check-ins, boarding and landing at airports.


A man and his shotgun: his extension, under his arm.

A weak and fragile case to protect it - this was the standard in those years.

Uncomfortable and heavy cases were very popular then.


It was back in the ‘80s and Negrini was at the top of his competitive carrier as a clay-pigeon shooter and a recurrent guest of airports, almost all over the world. 


Airports embodied hope, enthusiasm, adrenaline and a destination, but they would soon become a concern and an obsession.


Airports were a problem and travelling was too.

Boarding the firearm case in the hold was a source of concern.

A precarious small case where his dearest belonging, his passion converted into matter was stored:

placed in the hold, taken custody of by someone who could not fully understand its real value, and exposed to continuous shocks.


A disarming frustration any time he travelled.


Carrying yet another case scratched by the lack of care paid by someone who could not understand his source of love, he had an intuition.


Well, love is indeed the only force that can create intuition and the success it inevitably brings about.


This is how the Negrini history began,

hitting another target.


The first case came to life in 1981, with The Original series.


Lightweight, robust and compact: these were its main features in

combination with a fully Italian design.

The innovation? It was fully made with plastic material.


The peculiarity? A patented assembly system, the use of water- and solvent-free materials and the moulded-in handle.

These were the features of the first solid body case in addition to resistance, resilience and ultra lightweight.


Its immediate success was also contributed by the fact that no other such product was available on the market.


Firstly and foremost conceived to meet the requirements of its creator, this case would soon turn out to be the solution to a problem that was common to a wide range of professionals and sports people.


Without even realising it, Negrini found himself leading a company whose added value was the result of a tangible experience and whose targets are still the same after 40 years in business.


The escalation to success began.


Negrini stipulated agreements with the major manufacturers of both Italian and foreign firearms and, in just a few years, he became the leading European supplier of cases to the best known brands.

A primacy the company still holds nowadays.


Innovation Made in Italy, however, did not stop here and the spur of creativity lead to the introduction of the concept of total case customisation according to the customers' requests.


A mere intuition which would later become one of the points of strength of the company.


The transition from a mere manufacturer to a partner for his customers was then marked.

Negrini designed lines for his customers made to measure, shaping the distinguishing features of each brand that had decided to rely on him.


He ceased selling a product and started selling a real identity.


This is when attentive listening became a priority for the company.

The company started listening to and understanding the customers' needs, unique in their kind each time, and worked hard to meet each and every one of them.


The commitment to listening is the approach the company has taken in its 40-year long history as the base to provide solutions. 


Year after year, Negrini's inexhaustible curiosity continued to grow, and so did his dedication to the needs of the others.

Stopping was simply inconceivable.


A man and his aspirations, and his desire to improve cannot be stopped: this is how Negrini turned needs into a real philosophy,

a style of living for those who represent the company.


People and their desires as driving elements.

This is the only secret.


The keystone opening up to the future that has contributed, and still does so, to the unstoppable move to the top, which has characterised our business for two generations.


Listening and action: this is the Negrini history. 

The evolution. Unstoppable motion.


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